Deskati, built on the southern slopes of Kamvounion is the southern city of Macedonia and one of the passages from Thessaly into Western Macedonia . Located at the junction of the prefectures of Kozani, Grevena, Trikala and Larissa. With more than 4,000 residents, the population doubles in the summer holidays, the Deskati remains a lively town all year round.

The area is known for its excellent climate, rich hunting and for high quality meats and cheese. Within the limits of the city are the following attractions:

  • The mount Kamvounia (international E4 hiking trail and two signposted trails leading to the shelter)

  • The Alpine Refuge Deskati (at an altitude of 1415m is the starting point and destination of all trips in the mountains)
  • Aliakmonas River (the most beautiful piece of river that gradually transforms in the lake Hilarion namesake barrier after just 20 minutes from the hotel)
  • The Holy Monastery of St. Nicanora (Zavorda). Famed Monastery throughout Western Macedonia with hermitage of Saint Nicanora over the steep cliffs of Aliakmonas.
  • The Holy Monastery Kimiseos Theotokou ((Paleopanaghia) Tournikiou. Monument of the 12th century with remarkable post-Byzantine icons.
  • The Holy Monastery Metemorfoseos Dasochoriou Deskati at the foot of the of Oxia
  • The Monastery of the Euagelistria Paliouria to the top of Vounasa who rescues beautiful carved iconostasis and paintings from the 16th and 17th century.

Apart from the attractions within the limits of the city,you can visit Kalambaka with its unique Meteora.It is only half an hour drive from the hotel.

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