The Hotel Amadrias in Deskati Grevena, is giving an opportunity for visitors to enjoy nature in the forests of the region to cool down in the crystal clear waters and hear the birds singing.


You can consult the map to your right for finding paths and monasteries in the region

Visitors can walk around the paths and alleys of the village and make many trips to the taps, rivers, meadows, country churches, the bridges, the gardens and enjoy wandering in the mountains of the surrounding area

The visitors can also do the following activities in the region:
Hiking trails, forest roads and paths. Explore pristine areas with dense forests and forgotten villages.

Climbing on the rocks with experienced climbers and choice of degree of difficulty depending on your abilities.

Mountain Bike
Mountain bike with 21 speeds and anatomical construction ensures pleasant cycling.

River rafting in an inflatable boat. The crew consists of 6 to 8 persons. The boat is guided by a professional guide river.

Jeep Safari
Crossing forest roads, river crossings, climbing mountains with jeep, accompanied by support vehicle and experienced crew.

Pure white slopes and fun for everyone.

Playing in the snow found its ultimate expression in the snowboard. With the guidance of experienced teachers learn the correct techniques.

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